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The goal of Real Families, Inc. is to provide parenting, marriage, and family education that is affordable and accessible using real life examples and expectations. It is based on the idea that no family is perfect. All families have struggles, difficulties, and issues to some degree---this is what makes them "real". It is our mission that through education and motivation families can learn ways to create a more harmonious, responsible, and positive atmosphere that allows them to grow healthy relationships.

Company Profile

Real Families, Inc. uses resources such as the Love and Logic Institute, the "Becoming a Love and Logic Parent" program, Informed Health Solutions/ADHD Solutions, The Association of Christian Counseling, and numerous marriage enrichment programs, to provide information to their clients. By taking information from a variety of sources, Real Families, Inc. weaves in practical daily living and humor to work with couples and individuals put more positive energy and fun back into their family relationships.

Hundreds of families a year are touched by the presentations made by Real Families, Inc. on the "Becoming a Love and Logic Parent" 5 or 6-week parenting class or one of the many classes and/or workshops laced with useful parenting tips, humor, and "real" solutions to every day parenting predicaments. Some attend the class looking for a boost in their present parenting style, other come looking for a total overhaul. They all leave the classes equipped with skills that lower their frustration level, raise the odds on raising more responsible children, and new ways to discipline with dignity for both parents and the child.

The general stress of life offers real obstacles for all families. However, many families have additional stress added by the struggles inflicted by Attention Deficit Hyper Disorder (ADD/ADHD), Learning Disabilities, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and other related neurological disorders. Real Families, Inc. has researched and studied many of these areas to assist families with ways to turn these disorders into attributes for the children inflicted with them.

Knowing that many parenting difficulties can also be rooted in marriage struggles, Real Families, Inc. offers classes on marriage enrichment. These classes give couples an opportunity to look at how they choose to communicate can make a huge difference in their relationship and the relationship they share with their children. Participants learn things like what are the deadly germs of a marriage, 5-levels of intimate communication, and how to speak your mate's love language.

Whether it is a one night class on parenting or marriage, a 6-week class of "Becoming a Love and Logic Parent", or a one-on-one parent coaching program, Real Families, Inc. will shine a brighter light on the often dark and frustrating areas of family relationships.


The Mission of Real Families, Inc:
“To offer affordable and accessible assistance to parents, couples, and individuals desiring to enrich the quality of their family life”.
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