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No matter where you are in the nation, you can benefit from coaching via weekly phone calls and internet communication with parent coach, Laura Murphy. Coaching is a hands on approach to situations that allows the client to grow in their present relationships. Laura has been working as a parent coach for many years and is a Certified Parent Coach by the Parent Coaching Institute (see for info on certified instructor qualifications).

Coaching sessions are set up to fit the client's schedule during the day or evening and can be tailored to fit each client’s situation in 1/2 hour, 45 minute, 60, or 90 minute sessions. The number of coaching sessions can be varied for each for each client to fit their needs. Local clients have the option of face-to-face coaching sessions in Real Families, Inc. offices. Phone coaching is a popular option for clients both locally with busy schedules that prefer not leaving their home or work as well as for people throughout the country that do not have local access to the coach’s office.

Relationship and individual growth occurs with the guidance of a coach as it provides a sounding board, a source of information, a cheerleader to work through the difficult situations, and personalized information to fit the needs of each client.

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Contact Real Families, Inc. in inquire more about coaching and/or to set up coaching sessions: or 913-393-5981

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Laura L. Murphy
Olathe | KS | 66061

Phone: 913-393-5981

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