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Financial Coaching

 What can a "Budget Coach" do for you?

  • Help you design a budget that you can stick to.

  • Find ways to create more cash-flow in your budget.

  • Show you how to pay off debt quickly and sensibly.

  • Guide spouses in positive financial communication.

  • Help you reach your financial goals.

  • And much more!

Sign up today for budget coaching with Laura and Patrick Murphy for the special rate of $45/hour.  A session with a budget coach can change your financial outlook for a life time!

Finances can take a tremendous toll on marital, parenting, and family relationships. Getting a handle on your finances can open up a great deal of energy and richness allowing success and happiness to flow into all relationships in your life. Because financial changes occur by 20% knowledge and 80% behavior, financial coaching offers tools and education about finances but also creates changes in the client’s life by looking at personal spending, saving, and giving behaviors, providing accountability, and offering support.

The financial coaches with Real Families, Inc. avoid financial jargon and provide common sense, “do-able” solutions for clients whether they are contemplating bankruptcy or simply want to figure out how to manage their daily spending. Pressure and stress over finances are replaces with confidence, growth, and a well devised plan when working with a financial coach. People of all stages of desiring financial change benefit from financial coaching!

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Laura L. Murphy
Olathe | KS | 66061

Phone: 913-393-5981

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