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Marriage Coaching

Marriage coaching offers individuals and couples the opportunity to enrich their marriage in a positive, goal-orientated setting. Coaching helps people discover communication tools, renew common strengths in the relationship, and vision for what they would like their relationship to look like as they grow old together.

Couples and individuals that are looking for opportunities to rediscover positive communication, romance, and connectedness in their relationship find coaching a safe, open, caring way to achieve fulfillment in their relationships. Coaching can also help individuals and couples decipher the depth of their concern for their marriage. 

Clients that participate in Marriage Coaching report a sense of renewed energy, increased connectedness, and greater fulfillment in their marriage. They also report that this allows them to be better parents, manage their finances, enjoy their careers, and find daily personal satisfaction in life.

While marriage coaching is the most productive when both people in the relationship attend coaching together, Real Families, Inc. encourage individuals to consider marriage coaching on their own even if their spouse is not interested in participating as a start to the enrichment process.

Marriage Coaching is different than marriage counseling or therapy.  Ask Laura Murphy if your marriage is more suited for coaching or counseling by e-mailing her at or calling her at 913-393-5981.

Marriage Coaching fees are $60/hour and can be done by phone or in person.

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Laura L. Murphy
Olathe | KS | 66061

Phone: 913-393-5981

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