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Parent Coaching

As a Parent Coach, Laura Murphy works with parents to recognize the need for changes and determine what is necessary to make those changes. Some parents are looking for ways to understand their “difficult’ child, others want to find ways to raise a more responsible child, other parents are concerned about dealing with school and learning issues, and others are looking for ways to find harmony in their household while building lasting relationships. Whether their child deals with issues such as bullying, low self esteem, learning differences, neurological diagnosis (ie: ADD/ADHD, OCD, ODD), anger management, shyness, social skill challenges, or daily pressures in life, many parents find that a scheduled supportive conversation is their ticket to regaining more confidence and joy in their parenting and noticing changes in their children and homelife. For whatever the reasons, the results are priceless!

While Laura Murphy works with all kinds of parents, here are some of the kinds of situations she works with on a regular basis. Parents of:

  • Toddlers and pre-schoolers
  • School age kids
  • Teens
  • College age/young adults
  • ADD/ADHD kids
  • Children with Learning Differences
  • Children with Low Self Esteem

The coach meets only with the parents and not the children. However, as part of the coaching process to help parents reach the goals they have set with a coach, a parent coach can guide parents toward resources that will be helpful for their children such as ADD/ADHD or Learning Disability testing, Play Therapy, psychological treatment, family therapy, individual therapy for the child etc. However, this is not necessary in every situation.

Parent Coaching fees are $60/hour and can be done by phone or in person.

Coaching Information

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Laura L. Murphy
Olathe | KS | 66061

Phone: 913-393-5981

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