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A coach is an individual trained in relationship dynamics with a broad background of education and experiences. The coach listens intently, asks key questions, provides information, and connects clients to resources that are key in helping them implement new attitudes and strategies. A coach helps people discover more about what is working well in their lives, helps them navigate through issues that may be causing concern, and helps identify and design action steps toward attaining healthy harmony in their lives. In essences, a coach is a support companion who champions for the highest aspirations for the client.

Real Families, Inc. offers parent coaching, marriage coaching, and financial coaching. Click on the links to each of these areas to find out more about these types of coaching.

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Every situation is different. Some people simply need a “refresher” and others are looking for an “overhaul.”  While meeting with a coach once or twice can be adequate for some, most find it beneficial to make a longer commitment to tackle issues, build on success, and receive continuous feedback that coaching provides.

Coaching can be done over the phone or in person on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. Questions will be provided e-mail for the client to consider and respond to before their first session. This allows the coach to review the information and best use the client’s time during the session.

Real Families, Inc. coaches make themselves available for questions that come up between session and for an additional fee they can provide a written summary to the client after each coaching session.


While both therapy and coaching are helpful in discovering emotions that drive our behavior, there are some distinct differences. Therapy often spends time looking at a client’s past that have lead up to this point where as coaching looks at where the client wants to be in the future. Goal setting, visioning, and creating a plan are part of coaching as the client works to discover not only where they want to be but also the steps it will take to get there.

By law, therapists are required to be certified in their field and their fees are often covered by medical insurance. At this time, coaching is not required by law to be certified. However, there are many certified programs available for life coaching, parent coaching, marriage coaching, financial coaching, and other forms of coaching. Real Families, Inc. coaches either have coaching certification, are in the midst of a certification process, and/or are overseen closely by a trained, certified, and experienced coach while working with their clients.

Coaches are trained to decipher if a client really should be in therapy rather than in coaching and will suggest therapy if necessary.


At $60/hour, sessions can be set up in 1/2 hour,  1 hour, or 1 1/2 hour lengths of time. A client’s first session is required to be a minimum of 60 minutes to build a strong foundation for coaching. The duration and frequency of sequential visits will be determined by the client’s need.

Coaching is not covered by insurance programs or allowed as part of Section-125 or cafeteria plans (at this time) with insurance companies. However, if the client is concerned about being able to meet the payment requirements, share that with the coach and the coach will work to tailor a coaching program that can work with the client’s budget needs.  When considering coaching, if financial concerns are keeping you from coaching, please discuss with Laura Murphy your concerns and find out about options that can lower the cost or how to put together a series of sessions in the most cost-effective manner that will benifit your needs and still allow for quality services by a coach. 

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what is coaching

what is coaching what is coaching what is coaching
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