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Personal Financial

  • Do you ever feel that you have more month than money?
  • Do you live pay check to paycheck?
  • Do you have plenty of money but just have no idea where it goes?
  • Do you find you and your spouse arguing about money?
  • Do you find yourself getting crabby over buying things for your kids not because they want it but because you don’t know how you are going t o pay for it?
  • Does it feel like others know the secret to getting ahead financially in life and no one has clued you in?
  • Do your finances limit you from doing what you’d like to do in your career, where you’d like to live, or how you’d like to give back to our world?

If you are answering yes to many of these questions and/or able to add many more questions to this list about finances, you could probably use some help with your finances.

Real Families, Inc. provides opportunities for individuals and couples to explore ways to understand their finances, understanding their spending, saving, and giving habits, and help people have control over their money instead of letting their money have control over them. Opportunities to learn through Real Families come from the following:

  • Financial Peace University Classes (Dave Ramsey’s program)
  • Good $ense classes
  • One-on-one financial coaching
  • Classes in family matters such as allowance, talking to kids about money, and teen financial classes
  • Financial Resources

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