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Marriage experts proclaim that a couple should put their spiritual life first and then their marriage, followed by everything else. When couples keep their marriage a key priority, the rest of their life can be held together with ease. However, things like jobs, kids, busy schedules, and personal objectives work their way before the marriage and poison the relationship.


Why should you make your marriage a top priority?

  • The greatest gift a parent can give their child(ren) is a strong example of how a marriage can be fulfilling, loving and lasting.
  • Many parenting problems are rooted in the marriage. Taking the time to care for and grow a marriage can dissolve many parenting arguments.
  • Deep personal satisfaction and growth can result from experiencing a strong marriage.
  • The personal expenses of energy, time, finances and pain are far less to repair a struggling marriage than to weather a divorce.

Whether you have been married a short time or many years, are considering marriage, have kids, or don't have kids, the best time to start understanding yourself and your marriage is right now. Real Families, Inc. suggest some of the following in your search for greater marital success and happiness:

  • Check out marriage enrichment classes offered by Real Families, Inc. or click on "Classes" on the homepage of this website for a full list of class opportunities.
  • Tell your spouse or partner what you need. They cannot fulfill your needs unless you tell them what your needs are (they are not mind readers).
  • Make it a priority! Pull out your calendar and actually schedule time together.
  • Honor your spouse everyday. Find ways to privately and publicly honor your spouse. Let them know you married them because you wanted them to be the center of your universe....even on the days it's difficult to communicate such a thought.
  • Never say anything to your spouse you wouldn't want them to say to you. This takes holding your tongue, thinking before speaking, and adjusting your attitude and tone of voice.
  • Parent as a team. It doesn't always mean you and your spouse have to see exactly eye-to-eye on each parenting issue. However, it does mean that you need to let the children think you do. Back each other and save discussing parenting differences for times where children aren't around to overhear.
  • Create a memory bank. Always have something you can work toward together (as simple as a date night or as distant as retirement dreams) and visit old memories together that remind you of your love for each other (especially things like falling in love, special vacations together, etc.)
  •  Continue to educate yourself: Read books, attend marriage enrichment classes, or find a marital mentor or expert as you explore various ways to increase communication, keep the passion hot, resolve conflict, and create growth in your life, the life of your spouse, and in your marriage.
  • Pray for your spouse. It can bring about powerful changes in your spouse and your marriage.

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