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Marriage Tips to Remember:

  • Spend 20 minutes a day physically facing each other in conversation or in an embrace can to raise the odds on making your relationship last!
  • Never say anything to your spouse you wouldn't want said to yourself.
  • Find a way to honor your spouse each day (privately or publicly) and it's like good will come back to you!

Listed here are many resources that can help guide individuals and couples to a deeper, more satisfying marriage. If you have resources you would like to recommend for this page, please e-mail them to the e-mail address at the bottom of this page.

Marriage Resources

Psychologist and Author Gary Smalley
offers a variety of books, audio tapes and seminars. A favorite of Real Families, Inc. is Secrets to a Lasting Love to discover how to reach deep, fulfilling levels of communication in a marriage.

Discover your Love Language in the book The 5-Love Languages of Marriage by Gary Chapman. Applying the love language concept to your marriage can open up feelings and communication that has been buried in a relationship for years!

My favorite marriage book is Love and Respect by Emerson Eggerichs. This book explains marriage and how to have a happy, successful marriage better than anything I've ever read! It is written from a Christian standpoint using Ephesians 5:33 words of a man's true desire is to be respected and a woman's is to be loved.....and how to make that happen. Even if you don't take everything in this book as truth, just take most of it as truth and you will be astonished by how your marriage can change with this information!

Do you want an affair proof marriage? Check out the book His Needs, Her Needs by Willard Harvey to take a look at how to insure keeping (or returning) the love strong and passionate in a marriage

Does it feel like your marriage is coming apart at the seams? Take a look at Love Busters by Willard Harvey and discover ways to renew, repair, and strengthen your marriage so that the love that brought you together doesn't bust!

Do you want a to renew or repair you marriage without taking a class or seeing a therapist? Do it together at home by using the workbooks available as you read Love Busters or His Needs, Her Needs.

Looking for a man's viewpoint of marriage enrichment? Sex Begins in the Kitchen by Dr. Kevin Leman is a great place to look! Written from a man's point of view, both men and women can enjoy Kevin's humorous outlook and realistic ideas of enriching any marriage. There is a bonus to finding this book on audio tape as it includes a taped presentation by Kevin Leman that will leave your sides aching from the laughter and your mind reeling with ideas to making your marriage more satisfying.

Better sex ..... A book with great information done in a very tasteful manor written by Dr. Kevin Leman is Sheetmusic. Also, visit Kevin Leman's website at

Note: Many of these books are also available on audio as well.

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