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Ways to Offer a Class: At Your Home

What would a class be like in my home?

“It was a blast to bring my friends together and learn about parenting together. We now all help keep each other accountable.”
-- Mom who hosted her playgroup at a parenting with Love and Logic night in her home


In the Kansas City Metro area:
Women host Tupperware parties, jewelry parties, and all kinds of parties…why not host a party to learn how to better parenting and marriage? Invite other parents (just moms, just dads, or couples, etc.) in to an evening of refreshments and refreshing ideas of how to build better relationships in their household, This could be a one-time topic offered, a series of “Becoming a Love and Logic Parent”, or a once-a-month class offered on a variety of topics (ie: Homework, Allowance, Chores, Sibling Rivalry, etc.).

Print off the attached catalog of classes, fees, and ideas of how to bring information to your friends and neighbors in your home

Outside the Kansas City area:
Offer a seminar or workshop can be arranged in any city. Contact Real Families, Inc. for a fee quote .

Who pays for the seminar: Host or participant?  
Participants can spilt the fee for the class and provides them with a wonderful value. The in-home setting is more intimate and can offer a great environment to ask questions and tailor the information to participant’s specific needs. The setting is more like a coaching session in feel but the cost is much more affordable than individual parent coaching.

Occasionally host/hostesses choose to pay for the cost of the presenter as a gift to their friends and community.

click on the "download catalog" at the bottom of the page for a complete catalog of topics, fees, etc. 

What are the benefits of offering classes in your home?

  • If you want to take a specific class and it’s not offered near you, hosting a class in your home allows you to attend the class and split the cost with others.
  • What a great way to get your friends, neighbors, and extended family on the same page with you on parenting as you form a great support system!
  • Conflicting ideas on parenting can put a strain on social and family gatherings. This is a great way to give other parents ideas of how to raise their kids in a happy, disciplined home.
  • Friends become a support system to each other and hold each other accountable.
  • When people participate in a class from Real Families, Inc. they receive positive motivation not just for their home life but also for all areas of their lives.



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