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Ways to Offer a Class: At Your School

What would a class be like at my school?

“When I took the class at my school I felt like the school and I were working as a team in raising my kids.”
--Parents at an Olathe Elementary School

In the Kansas City Metro area:
Principals, school counselors, PTO/PTA’s, teachers, and parents can each individually or together spearhead the idea of bringing in a Real Families, Inc. speaker to their school. This may be a one night class on a specific topic, a 5 or 6 week “Becoming a Love and Logic Parent”, or a class once a month throughout the school year (ie: Homework, Chores, Allowance, Innocence to Entitlement, etc.).

You can organize the class yourself with the approval of the principal or you can ask the principal, school counselor, PTO/PTA, or a teacher to consider setting up the class. Print off the attached catalog of classes, fees, and ideas of how to make a class or workshop work for your school.

Seminars can also be specifically designed for teacher in-service on topics such as Love and Logic, ADD/ADHD success, etc.

Outside the Kansas City area:
Offer a seminar or workshop in the evening or over a weekend can be arranged in your city and school. Contact Real Families, Inc. for a fee quote for travel and still fit your school’s needs and budget.

Who pays for the seminar?: PTO/PTA, parents, or school budgets?
For classes for parents, most locations figure out how much it would cost to bring in a Real Families, Inc. presenter and off of that can figure out how much to charge each participant to cover the cost of the class. Laura Murphy of Real Families, Inc. can help you sort out this cost and how much to charge each participant. If more money is raised than what it cost to bring in the speaker those funds can be used to bring in future speakers or be set aside for other specific projects.  In most cases, families can participate in a class for $5-8/class.  

Real Families, Inc. does not accept fees to be paid directly to them from the participant; payment to Real Families, Inc. is set up as a consulting fee through the school or PTO/PTA to protect the church's not-for-profit status.  

Occasionally schools choose to pay for the cost of the presenter as a gift to their families by using PTO/PTO dollars, applying for a grant in the community or with fundraising dollars.

In services for teachers are often paid for with budgeted dollars from the school and/or district.
click on the "download catalog" at the bottom of the page for a complete catalog of topics, fees, etc. 

What are the benefits of offering classes through your school?

  • Resources are offered for a variety of situations that effect both home and school.
  • Parents receive parenting information that allows them to become positive authority figures at home. There is a direct correlation between children viewing their parents as positive authority figures and how they view their teachers.
  • Parents view the opportunity to take a class through their school as a value-added bonus to their school.
  • Parents and teachers work together as a team from the same base of information in approaching student behavior.
  • Parents become a support system to each other in the community
  • When parents participate in a class from Real Families, Inc. they receive positive motivation not just for their home life but for other areas of their lives for an overall happier, productive lifestyle.



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