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Ways to Offer a Class: At Your Work

What would a class be like at my work?

“This was the best thing my company has ever done for me.”
--Participant in a Lunch-and-Learn seminar series at H&R Block World Headquarters

In the Kansas City Metro area:
Lunch seminars and/or breakfast seminars are a great way to learn about parenting and marriage topics at work through one hour sessions. This could be a one-time topic offered, a 10 week series of “Becoming a Love and Logic Parent”, or a once-a-month class offered on a variety of topics (ie: Homework, Allowance, Chores, Sibling Rivalry, etc.).

You can organize the class yourself with the approval of management or you can ask Human Resources or management to develop the class(es). Print off the attached catalog of classes, fees, and ideas of how to make a lunch-and-learn seminar work for you. Fees are adjusted to work with the one-hour format and take in consideration setting up a series of classes.

After work classes or seminars are a great way to get spouses and significant others involved in a company value-added benefit. Re-opening the work facility (ie: conference room, lunch room, etc.) on an evening or on a Saturday morning is an opportunity to return with a spouse or significant other for a class that will benefit the entire family and employee mind-set.

Outside the Kansas City area:
Offer a seminar or workshop in the evening or over a weekend can be arranged in any city. Contact Real Families, Inc. for a fee quote that includes travel and fit with your company’s needs.

Who pays for the seminar: Employee or Employer?
Most locations figure out how much it would cost to bring in a Real Families, Inc. presenter, take a survey of interest within the work place, and off of that can figure out how much to charge each participant (employee) to cover the cost of the class. Laura Murphy of Real Families, Inc. can help you sort out this cost.   In most cases, employees can participate in a class for $5-8/class.  

Occasionally companies choose to pay for the cost of the presenter as a gift to their employees or as a “bonus” to them, or half of the class fee.

click on the "download catalog" at the bottom of the page for a complete catalog of topics, fees, etc. 

What are the benefits of offering classes through the work place?

  • Employees who are happy in their home life perform better at work.
  • Employees view the opportunity to take a class through their work as a value-added bonus to their job.
  • Employees become a support system to each other and enjoy their fellow employees more.
  • Employees get to add value to their life around their work schedules.
  • When employees participate in a class from Real Families, Inc. they receive positive motivation not just for their home life but for their entire life..



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