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Parenting your child with love and dignity is important but is often lost as parents get caught up in the daily chaos and frustrations of life. Yet, there is nothing more satisfying than family time woven with love, dignity, and respect. Real Families, Inc. is supportive of many parenting programs but focuses mainly on the Love and Logic Parenting Philosophy. You can visit the national Love and Logic Institute website at

The biggest key to parenting is the adult's own attitude. To keep that attitude positive and one that can benefit the parent as an individual, as well as the entire family, it is helpful to do the following:

  •  Check out the parenting classes available through Real Families, Inc. or click on "Classes" on the homepage of this website for a full list of class opportunities..
  • Continue to educate yourself while participating in "on-the-job-training" of parenting. This can be done by reading books or listening to CD's on parenting ideas, taking parenting classes and attend workshops/lectures.
  • Find support in other parents. Ask them what they do. Avoid making these complaint times but make them a time to exchange information and support.
  • Take good care of yourself. It's much easier to take care of those around you if your needs are being met.
  • Stay calm. Anger and frustration only stirs up misbehavior (by the adult and the child!).
  • Take good care of your marriage.  Your marriage should come first. Take time to be a couple, care for each other's needs, honor your spouse, and let your kids see you parent as a team. When this happens, suddenly parenting becomes easy!
  • Pray. Start here. The rest will come!


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