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Listed here are many different areas that may be helpful in the parenting children. Many are books or websites, others are suggestions and ideas. If you have one you would like to suggest, please click on the e-mail address on the bottom of this page and let us know!
Parenting Resources

Love and Logic Parenting resources such as audio tapes/CD's, videos and books available through

Books and tapes by author Barbara Coloroso. Check out titles like Winning at Parenting....Without Beating your Kids, The Bully, the Bullied, and the Bystander, Parenting through Crisis and more at her website

Family Councilor and Author, Kevin Leman offers a great look at parenting in his book How to Get Your Kids to Mind Without Loosing Yours.

Parenting your teen driving you crazy? Go to and look under "book store" to see the book Parenting with Love and Limits by Scott Sells. Also, check out the sample "Contracts" to use while parenting your teen.

There is nothing more powerful than a praying parent. To find a wonderful prayer calendar that you can use to pray for your child(ren) daily, Prayercalendar.pdf (Permission to use this prayer calendar was given by Frasier UMC)

Does your child struggle to read or do school work? An insightful and positive look into the belief that every child can learn is presented by Dr. Mel Levin in his books The Myth of Laziness and A Mind at a Time. You can get to his website at Or check out Jeffery Freed's book The Right Brained Child Living in a Right Brain World; Jeffrey Freed's book offers hands-on, practical ideas for helpling with learning issues in specific areas such as writing, math, memorization, organization, etc. as well as an insightful look about how "right brain, visual learners" really learn!!

Learn to speak your child's love language. In the books The 5 Love Languages of Children and The 5 Love Languages of Teens discover the 5 love languages and how to decipher your child's and what it can do to the parent/child relationship.

Do you want to understand more about the treatment of Attention Deficit Hyper Disorder? Many wonderful books on ADD/ADHD for adults and children are available at Check out the materials available in Attention Deficit Solution: The Ultimate Self-Help Guide for Parents at or by calling 800-888-child. This informative collection of audio cassettes and CD's, parenting journal and resources provide a wealth of support an knowledge on everything from whether to medicate or not, diet related treatments, behavior modification, legal rights in the school system and much more!

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